Welcome to Roadpics.net.
This website has come into existance as a result of year-long slumbering ideas from other persons. Eventually, early 2006, I have, after long consideration, decided to start realising these ideas. Using other photo websites, Swiss and French, as an example, this website began to come into shape. Little by little, more is being realised. On the forum (www.roadpics.net/forum) comments and suggestions can be posted. You can also find the latest novelties and post errors there.

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Key to the symbols

Exit Start semi-motorway Parking zone
No exit in this
End semi-motorway Attention, irregularity
in the configuration
Intersection Bridge Aquaduct
Start motorway Tunnel Place of interest
End motorway Border crossing

Lastest changes

  • May 1st 2010: Belgium added.
  • July 18th 2007: Photos' status added (only in Dutch).
  • April 1st 2007: New layout online!
  • February 24th 2007: New photos added of the A4, A6, A7 en A9.
  • February 20th 2007: New photos added of other motorways. New layout en indeling.
  • September, October 2006: New photos added of the A67, A73, A76, A77, A79, A200, A208, A256, A261, A270, A325, A326 and A348.
  • September 16th 2006: New photos added of the A44, A50, A58, A59 en A65. A forum has been added, Errors can be posted here.
  • 26 augustus 2006: New photos added of the A30, A31, A32, A35 en A37. English, French and German versions added.
  • August 24th 2006: New photos added of the A18, A20, A27, A28 and A29.
  • August 19th 2006: New photos added of the A17.
  • August 16th 2006: New photos added of the A16, Wrong photos of the A15 corrected.
  • August 14th 2006: New photos added of the A9, A10, A13 and A15.
  • August 14th 2006: Reported errors solved.
  • August 08th 2006: A number of serious errors reported.
  • July 16th 2006: New (temporary) site organisation.
  • June 23rd 2006: Automated HTML-build accomplished.


  • Mid. 2010: Change over from html to php for the Dutch motorways (Status: 5%)
  • Mid. 2007: adding "route" into the overview (Status: cancelled, will be added in the new version)
  • End 2010: adding other site components (links etc.) (Status: Open)
  • Mid. 2010: Adding Belgium and Luxemburg. (Status: 50%)
  • October 2006 - ... : Other languages (Status: cancelled)
  • 2007 - 20xx : Among others: Adding and replacing photos, creating an archive.